Television Script | Drama

A young African American woman, indelibly changed by her time serving as a triage nurse in Vietnam returns home to find her world and the

people in it, unrecognizable.

(Slamdance - Semifinalist, WeScreenplay Diverse Voices - Semifinalist, Screencraft TV Pilot - Semifinalist,

Stowe Writers Retreat - Official Selection, Coverfly Top 3%)


Television Script | Drama

An early 20th-century young Southern woman defies familial and societal conventions as she preps for her first transatlantic flight.

(Filmmatic TV Pilot Awards - Semifinalist, Stowe Writers Retreat - Official Selection)


Television Script | Comedy

When a down and out financial analyst returns to her family’s crumbling funeral home after one too many DUIs, she teams up with her estranged brother to take down a rival parlor and stumbles into hidden secrets that reveal bodies aren't the only thing her family kept buried. 


Television Script | Comedy

A fish-out-of-water, religious housewife embraces unconventional means when she takes a job at a local record store run by punk rockers in order to fight for custody of her daughter finding herself and voice in the world of punk music.