My Bio


Cynthia Wright is a queer writer and military brat who has been crafting stories since she can remember. She works in project management at an NYC ad agency by day, where she cut her teeth on every type of marketing project imaginable. At night, Cynthia crafts stories, her focus being primarily television scripts that showcase unique worlds with a historical POC bent or angle, along with developing quirky stories from subcultures that aren't explored as much as they should be. She has ranked high in several prestigious writing contests, most recently at PAGE, Slamdance, Filmmatic, and Final Draft for her television pilot, "Reflections," 
which is in the top 3% at Coverfly.

After deciding to get sober in 2019, Cynthia decided to learn to live life on her terms and crush the stigmas associated with addiction and addictive behavior, specifically with people of color. Through life recovery, she discusses addictive behavior and the nuances around how trauma, family, and various other life factors can quickly introduce 
"numbing" to people via addiction.  Thus, the

"Getting Your Sh*t Together" Podcast was born.

Outside of that, she is often a guest speaker on self-help/development podcasts. At each opportunity, she works to chat with her audience on topics ranging from leveling up, guilt/shame and self-acceptance, toxic relationships (all types), and using creativity as a form of healing. Always honest and transparent, she uses her storytelling skills to share her story in a way that will resonate with others, to encourage, inspire and let them know that there is always someone in their corner cheering them on!

When she's not content creating, you can find her honing her writing and photography chops in the somewhat mean streets of Brooklyn!