Cynthia Wright

Writer & Content Creator

about moi

~ a quirky content creator for fire ~

Hello,friends! My name is

Cynthia Wright. I’m a writer, podcast creator, and sometimes, I’m a photographer. I live in Brooklyn, NY. Nice to meet you.

I hope you stay awhile.

My Work

My work spans different mediums but they all are grounded in the foundation of story. Whether it's a true story, based on true events or a world from my imagination, my goal is always to showcase diverse stories authentically.


I have two podcasts that I work on. One is a no holds barred, authentic take on recovery. While the other explores historical figures that have been lost during the passage of time.


I love writing. Most of my work falls into telling stories from often underrepresented communities, as well as, exploring quirky stories from subcultures that aren't often explored. 


Brooklyn, NY, USA

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